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Access To Group Verses Emails

Below is a message posted in another group by  Shal. It is in reference to becoming a member of IO groups by being added to this group by being copied from the yahoo group. I am not sure if you joined this group on your own if you can use the group features without creating a Groups.IO account. It looks like you have to create and account to use the group features but not if you only use your email to get messages and reply to them. Might be worth looking into by each member




Joe (Owner)


The transfer establishes their account as well as membership in your group, and copies their subscription settings (Individual, No Email, etc.) as well. Their account will initially have no password.

They will begin receiving messages and can post or reply by email immediately upon transfer.

That they have to logon to (one time), create a password,
etc. to be full members.

They only need to do that if they want to access members-only areas of your group's web pages.

2) Is 'harvesting' email addresses?

In this context "harvesting" has a pejorative connotation. has no advertisers, doesn't track users, and doesn't sell user information.